How to know the Gender of Guppy Fry

If you love guppies, you must be aware by now at how often the females breed. Since a female guppy could get pregnant as oft as every 30 daylights, there’s a need for controlled breeding if you don’t have the tanks to accommodate a large number of... Read More

Raising and Breeding Guppies for Fun and Profit

Breeding guppies is easy to do, and it’s also very enjoyable. Once you start breeding guppies you can sell them to fish stores, or even to pet shops that sell live bait, or give them away to friends and family. To get started you need two aquariums,... Read More

Breed Guppies – Tips You Need to Know

Guppies tend to be renowned with regard to their productive breeding routines.  They tend to be livebearers meaning the female gives birth to reside fry rather than producing ova. This article provides you with the basics how tobreed guppies. We may... Read More

Top 10 Steps to Breeding Healthy Guppies

1. It is fair enough at the beginning to have trios of breeding guppies from one or two species only. Provide about 8 to 10 tanks for preserving a purely single breed. As for fry and breeders, smaller 5 gal tank should be sufficient as container.... Read More

Vinegar Eel Culturing And Harvesting

Culturing vinegar eels is one of the easiest first foods I have done. One of the best things about feeding your fry vinegar eels is that they live a very long in your fry tanks. First you are going to need to use a container to grow your eels in. the... Read More

Tips and Tricks in Raising Guppies

Filters: Stick with tried and true corner filters with guppies. I spent a small fortune on Aquaclear filters thinking they would make life easier. Let’s face it: guppies are messy fish. Power filters do a mediocre to poor job in keeping the water... Read More

Varieties I Would Like to Acquire in The Future

Half Black Yellows: I will definitely be acquiring some in the future as I think they are one of the most attractive guppies. Before I do so, I want to make sure I’m acquiring the best stock I can. I admit I did not do this with my half black... Read More

About My Guppies

Half Black Leopards: I bought stock over a year ago from one of the top guppy breeders in the United States. These are beautiful guppies and came from what is probably the nicest strain of half black leopards out there. The tail has an overall yellow... Read More

Guppy Tank Set-up

Tank Sizes: The size of your aquarium tank is up to you. However, if you are planning to be breeding guppies and raising fry, you probably want to have many small tanks. I use 2.5 gallon tanks for the fry and 5 gallon tanks for the younger fancy... Read More

Feeding Guppies

Brine shrimp is my guppies’ main feeding menu. I feed my fish brine shrimp at least once a day, and my pregnant females and fry up to two months old are fed more than 3 times daily. I also give my fish guppy pellets once in a while. You will need... Read More